A few km from the farmhouse…

Orvieto (20 km). whose name comes from the original Urbs Vetus (old city), had its best richness during the Middle Age, when became a fundamental religious and military city. A representation of this historical mixture is the Albornoz Fortress, built by Cardnial Albornoz when the city was a Papal state dominion. Today Orvieto is a unique city, also because of its stunning Duomo, the famous St. Patrick’s Well and many other artistical and archeological attractions the we suggest to visit.

More information about the city and guided tours: www.orvietoviva.com

Allerona (8 km). A hill town near Orvieto, during the Middle Age it was a feudal castle, owned by the powerful Monaldeschi family. Today, the town still has lots of elements of that period, such as the wonderful Porta del Sole e della Luna, the S.Maria Assunta church, the Visconteo Building and the St. Michele Arcangelo church.

Plunged in the coutnryside, around Allerona, the liberty-style Villa Cahen and its great gardens, 4 different types (including a rare old japanese style rock-garden).  You can visit it on demand.

Bolsena Lake (Lazio – 40 kms) This pitoresque city origins date back to the Third Century B.C., even if the human presence was there during the prehistoric ages. Lots of handcrafts were founded in the whole Bolsena area. Today the town is famous for its clean and beautiful lake, considered as the cleanest lake in Europe.

Trasimeno Lake (Umbria – 45 km) This is the biggest lake in Umbria and it is surrounded by picturesque boroughs like Tuoro, Passignano and the enchanting village of Castiglione del Lago with its stunning old fortress called Rocca del Leone.

Assisi and Perugia (75 km). It is a very dynamic and alive city. Its central area is mainly Corso Vannucci and its surrounding streets, rich of monuments and activities. They city has its best shape during the two traditional events: Eurochocolate and Umbria Jazz Summer. Perugia is the most important city in Umbria region.

Just 10 kms from Perugia you can find the wonderful city of Assisi with the St.Francis basilica an Unesco world patrimony monument.

San Casciano dei Bagni (25 km). Very nice borough in the south of Tuscany. It is plunged in the marevellous Val d’Orcia area and it is listed in several italian tourist guide. Its fame is due to the natural warm springs. There are some natural baths and a luxury spa resort called Fonteverde.

Around San Casciano dei Bagni you can also find some nice villages and towns. Another beautiful place in this area is the borough of Fighine with its enchanting castle.

 Convento della Scarzuola –Just twenty five minutes from Città della Pieve in the direction of Monteleone d’Orvieto-Montegabbione, surrounded by the green Umbrian countryside, is the Convent of the original Scarzuola, the ideal city of Tommaso Buzzi joined the old Franciscan convent where in 1218, St. Francis planted a laurel and a rose and made it emerge a source for which people still eats a lot of devotion. The monastery is named after the amount of scarza, marsh plant with which the Seraphic built a hut. In the church is preserved a fresco of the first half of the thirteenth century, one of the first portraits of the saint in levitation. In 1956 the monastery was bought and restored by architect Tomaso Buzzi (1900-1981), a prominent figure of the ‘900 in Milan, which from 1958 to 1978 he designed and built next to the convent his Ideal City, conceived as a theatrical machine.

Civita di Bagnoregio (25 km) an enchanting borough in the north of Lazio region, set in the marvellous Tuscia lands (Viterbo areas). Civita di Bagnoregio clinging to its rock seems the only surviving witness to this past. It ‘reported among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

This citadel perched high on a volcanic outcrop at 440 m appears today as a beautiful uninhabited island made of fascinating sights and breathtaking views.

Pienza and  Montepulciano (60 km) – Pienza is a very nice town in the Tuscany lowlands. It is plunged in the wonderul scenario of the famous Val d’Orcia. Its medieval centre worth a visit. Pienza is also famous for the pecorino cheese.

Not far from Pienza you can find another superb tuscan city: Montepulciano, and important place to see with several monuments, churchers and palace and a very good wine production.

Siena and Val d’Orcia  (100 km)Wonderful tuscan city that worth a visit. Siena is a fantastic city and it offers several tourist attractions like the Piazza del Campo, the Duomo and many others renaissance palace. The countryside around Siena, the so called Crete senesi lands, is full of small boroughs and fantastic scenarios. Amiata mountain: This mountain is one of the most popular place for the winter tourism. It boasts very nice views of the tuscan landscapes. The most


Other main italian cities, distances:

Firenze 150 km

Roma 130 km

Tyrennian coast 100 km


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